What I am doing

Freelance Fullstack Developer

Building web applications has been an incredible discovery for me. The learning is infinite. You're in high-problem solve mode all the time. It's meditative and flow-state like. You are focused on the problem ahead of you. No more. No less. I've enjoy working with an international team.

The tech stack I'm very excited about right now offers me:

Ruby on Rails + Stimulus + Tailwind. Together, it's a magic cocktail that enables fast, yet professional software building.

Teaching at Le Wagon

Ever since learning how to code myself at Le Wagon in Argentina, I've found teaching to be wonderful opportunity to give back and connect with like-minded people. The humbleness of being a beginner, the motivation to master a skill and the ambition to create. It's lovely to be around people who are open and willing to learn. And as is said, when one teaches, two learn.

Exploring spirituality

Initially triggered by personal experiences, the unanswerable question on the meaning of life slowly dwelled around in my thoughts. What's the purpose of everything? That deeper longing led me to connect with a deeper spiritual side of me. It opened me to learn from the wise men and woman who came before us. From stoicism to minimalism and yoga.

It's an exploration to understand the ego. To grasp the inner drive for more. It catapulted me to shift the object of my desire. From having to being. To feel boundless, without any limitations. Free of my own limiting beliefs. Letting go of the inner critic. Learning to create. Learning to stand up for what I believe to be true. It's a journey, a climb and I am at the foot of the mountain.

Tasting village life

Since January this year, the cold winter months in northern Europe intrigued me to go for a short break to the Algarve region in Portugal. Soon after, I fell in love. The change of landscape, the sunny weather, the warmth of people and the tranquil pace of life.

Updated April 21th, 2021, from Stockholm, Sweden.